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EXPERTS in the field of cosmetics for more than 15 years

Nous avons voulu faire évoluer l’offre et l’adapter aux enjeux de demain.Pour cela, nous développons aujourd’hui une gamme de produits responsables.

  • Responsible in their packaging
  • Responsible for their marketing and distribution
  • Responsible in their environmental footprint (eco-friendly)

The Raoka project , was born in 2020 in nabeul.

It is the fruit of two enthusiasts :

Son gérant et propriétaire, Skander Daas, fort de 15 ans d’expérience dans la savonnerie et tour à tour, producteur, développeur, distributeur, cherche aujourd’hui à apporter son expertise en développant sa propre marque aux valeurs éco-responsables.

With Leila Marzoug, co-founder, they hope to set up an ethical social and solidarity trade !

our strength resides in our convictions and values

So what about our values ?




we believe that awareness is necessary in all of us

Therefore we communicate about the harm of plastic and the harm of excessive consumption.



alone we can do so little.Small producers have great ideas but don't have the strength or the clout to get started.


The good gestures of tomorrow will be carried by the new generation.

We are committed to institutions and schools in neglected areas in order to offer them our products


Awareness must be accompanied by a change in consumption patterns and be accessible to as many people as possible ! Thats our goal.

We offer a range of products contributing to the change in consumption, while offering affordable selling prices.


The concept of an eco-responsible product does not preclude pleasent smells and nice ones.

We offer original smells products with real benefits for the skin


Everything is still to be done, our deployment must not be limited by borders.

We offer our expertise,advice,and products, for any other African country wishing to develop our concept


  • EXPERTISE ! 99% 99%
  • CREATIVITY ! 95% 95%
  • COMMITMENT ! 100% 100%